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Books for Readers of All Ages and Tastes

For decades, we’ve offered a variety of used books to adults and children alike.

Your Go-to Book Store in Coldbrook

For 30 years, Books Galore has offered a variety of titles that can challenge and quip the mind. We are a used book store in Coldbrook, and we’ve recently renovated and have managed to add more shelves. Our store sees customers coming in from Coldbrook, Annapolis Valley West, and Annapolis Valley East. We pride ourselves on having a wide selection of well-organized paperback books. The store also has a large selection of trade-sized and hard-covered fiction books as well as a well-organized aisle of non-fiction books.  

Most of the books in the store arrive by customers choosing to receive an in-store credit for other books. We pay cash for books only on rare occasions. Unlike other used book stores, Books Galore does not require cash when credit is redeemed. For most paperback books (excluding trade-sized paperbacks), customers receive one-quarter of the cover price in credit. For hard-covered books, the credit depends on the book, not on the original price.  Prices are modest, and Stephen, the owner, says he would rather sell ten $10 books than one $100 book.

If you’re wondering whether we’re carrying a particular title you want or want to request one, give us a call.

A Sneak-peek into Our Book Store

At Books Galore, we underwent a serious store renovation in Coldbrook. We now have single-paned glass windows being replaced by an insulated wall plus few windows. This gave us a chance to rearrange the counter area, and we moved around some bookcases so that we could add five more bookcases and achieve more room in front of the counter. After a hiatus in the summer, the non-fiction books have been reorganized; and the books are now completely contained to bookcases on both sides at the aisle on the south side of the store. Mysteries and young adult books are in the bookcases on the north wall or the right-hand side of the store as you enter. Science fiction and fantasy books are still on the back wall. The regular fiction books are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the author and begin as soon as you enter the store at the end of the counter on your right. The fiction titles stop at the WXYZ bookcase, and that's where the Westerns begin. Romance is opposite the Westerns, and there are some war books against the wall.

Our unique feature is the bank of wooden drawers that contains extra copies of books. The drawers of books are kept at the back of the store in alphabetical order, and the cabinets themselves support a display of puzzles and children’s picture books.

Celebrating 30 Years in Business.

Books Galore

Get Store Credit for Your Used Books

Customers can bring in books anytime for credit. But we don’t like to commit to accepting them before seeing them. The basic rule-of-thumb for credit is 2 for 1. A book that retails for $11.99 or $12, we will sell for $6; and offer one-quarter of the original amount in credit. So you’ll get $3 in credit. All prices are written in pencil on top of the first inside page of the book.

A Special Thanks to Our Customers!

We appreciate and thank each one of you for your continued support over the years.

A wide collection of used and new books

The A to Z of Books

Through the years, we’ve collected a variety of titles and have several copies of the same.

Women searching for a book

30 Years of Collecting Used Books

Our journey has taken us on a ride, but we love our brick-and-mortar book store, and you will too.

 kid sitting on the carpeted while reading a book

We’ll Leave You Spoilt for Choice

We carry everything from serialized romance novels to children’s books and mystery novels.

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